When people say be yourself why does that mean ? Your forced to go to school by the government , when some kids don’t want to. I mean all these adults get into our heads telling us what we can do & what we can not do. They have this big image of what they want us to be, but don’t understand anything we go through. Many teens are deeply depressed , and parents wouldn’t know. When I’m on social media that’s all I see are depressed teens. They asks us what’s wrong and we say we are just “tired or sleepy” and let us be. The real reason are us kids are so messed up in the head because we don’t know what to do. We are told drugs are bad , but that does not not stop us . We do things to benefit other people , & we never actually think of anything anymore because we get drained with lies. We just don’t have the tolerance to care anymore because we don’t know what to do because this society. So how can we be ourselves when society tries to tell us what to be or do .